Wash Me

Adult Caps

Hatwright Caps are made from linen and cotton, and as such are pretty durable items! You can be confident spot-cleaning any marks or stains just as you would on a clothing item made from high quality natural fibres, but I don’t recommend immersing the whole hat in water as it is difficult to restore the shape without specialised equipment. Please handle the brim gently and avoid getting it very wet (a small splash here or there should dry with no problems).

Infinity Scarves

Machine washable on a gentle cycle. I recommend you use Eucalyptus Wool Wash (or any other detergent suitable for wools and silks) to preserve the smooth finish of the rayon.

Kids’ Hats

As a parent of two little boys, The Hatwright is well aware that bowls of yogurt, puddles of mud and colouring-in experiments can happen to any hat! That’s why all of our hats are fully washable.

A smudge or a smear?

If the mark is limited to a small area, try a spot clean, as you would with any cotton garment (e.g. jeans). Any soap, spray or washing powder compatible with kids’ clothing should be fine on Hatwright hats.

Full-scale disaster

Into the washing machine we go! Wash the hat on a short, cool, delicate cycle. If it has an embroidered detail and/or button embellishment, I recommend turning it inside out first.

N.B.! If your hat is a vibrant shade of red or pink, I recommend putting a ‘Colour Catcher’ sheet in when you wash it, to prevent the dye running and staining other fabrics. These are available from supermarkets, usually shelved near stain removal and soaker type products. Although I pre-wash all fabrics before making hats from them, red and dark pink dyes are notorious for needing a few washes before they cease running, and I’d hate you to have an unexpected washing disaster!

Once the cycle has concluded, re-shape the hat while it is still damp, and let it air dry. (It might shrink slightly if dried in a dryer.) If it’s looking a bit rumpled, you can touch it up with a dry iron on the cotton heat setting.