Hi! My name is Anelie and I’m the Hatwright. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I design and make hats and accessories for kids and adults.

With 20 years of experience sewing, in 2017 I decided to give hat-making a go after a fruitless search for good quality, good looking hats for my two sons. A hobby soon became a passion as I made hats for my family, myself, friends, and relatives, and still had plenty of ideas for more!

My children’s hats are distinguished by eye-catching fabrics made from natural fibres. They are light, durable, and most importantly, washable! (See our Wash Me page for more info on how to care for your hat). My current range is always available in my MadeIt.com.au store.

My adult hats are made from the best quality linens and cottons in colours I hope will lift your outfit and your spirits. My vision is that one of my hats will be the perfect finishing touch for an everyday outfit – whether it’s jeans on the weekend or something more formal for work – adding something new to wardrobe workhorses you already love. If you’d like to be notified when my next collection of hats becomes available, simply join my e-mail list, and I’ll let you know!

‘The Hatwright’ is the registered business name of Anelie Crighton. The Hatwright’s ABN is 88529979046. If you need any further information, please get in touch via the Contact page.