Fabric Face Masks – sustainable and beautiful

Two fabric face masks made from bright, colourful fabric

The year is more than half over, and I can’t decide if it’s felt more like a decade, or that surely it’s only May? Adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic often involves a daily effort to re-commit to finding the positives in this massive change to our lives. My city, Melbourne Australia, is in the middle of its second lockdown due to another wave of the virus, which means kids home from school and kindergarten, adults working from home, and most of our time spent together in the house. This can be an amazing opportunity to connect with the kids and see where they’re at with their learning, and a deeply frustrating experience of having little to no time to yourself! I’m sure these contradictions are playing out in their own way in every home all over the state.

Our state government made wearing masks mandatory around a month ago to reduce the spread, and at the request of friends and family I began to make some from fabrics I usually use for my hats. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I had the brilliant experience of teaming up with Melbourne artist Ellen McKenna to make masks from remnants of her gorgeous, painterly fabrics, and the last of these will go on sale on my MadeIt page tomorrow morning (Saturday August 22).

Best of all, the masks have sold so consistently that I have been able to donate $4 from each one to The Purple House, an awesome non-profit organisation that brings medical staff and services to remote communities in central Australia. Grab a set tomorrow and you can look good, feel good and do good!

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