New Baby Blossom Hats

It was hard to know how best to re-start my business.

A temporary closure seemed the most responsible thing as Australia began to lock down to try to limit the spread of Covid-19 in March. My plans to participate in markets this year had to be cancelled, and with the kids needing to learn from home I realised there was no way I would have the time I needed to create and sew the planned autumn/winter range this year.

It was hard to re-orient myself to our new circumstances. After much thought I decided I would take this opportunity to simply make for the love of it: to choose fabrics for their beauty and make the best possible use of them. I also decided I would stick to my core range of products, hats for babies and children. So I am really happy to announce the first four new products in my MadeIt store: unique Baby Blossom Hats!

A photograph of four handmade baby bonnets, folded neatly on a table.

Made from a mixture of cotton and linen fabrics and cotton trim, these light, soft bonnets are a design I created myself. They can be stashed in a bag with one hand, and washed with no problems – I don’t believe in pretty products that aren’t also supremely practical where babies are concerned!

The only downside to this project is the regret that I didn’t buy more of some of these lovely fabrics when I had the chance! The ‘Camellia Japonica’ Blossom Hat is the only one of its kind. But you can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye out for any other linens as lovely as this one in future…

Photograph of a handmade baby bonnet decorated with vivid pink flowers on a white background.
Camellia Japonica Baby Blossom Hat

Now that shopping online has become a big part of our lives I’m also happy to say that Blossom Hats are very practical to send as a gift! Visit my MadeIt store to see all of the designs and select your favourite.

All of these hats are in the 6-12 months size range, and I will be working on a set (in a slightly different range of fabrics) in the 12-18 month size soon.

Take care, and I do hope you are able to stay healthy and connected in these difficult times.

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