Creating our lives, day by day

In such a short time, our lives have been turned upside down. I’m sure wherever you’re reading this from, you’ve had to make radical changes in just the past few days. You might be working from home, or caring for kids, or visiting a third supermarket to find what used to be a very mundane item! It is frightening and hard to adjust to. I know I wake up each morning worried, and a little shell-shocked: this really is happening. The whole world is fighting a pandemic.

Handmade businesses like mine are wondering how on earth to adapt. Many of us sell our products at markets, but these have to close to try to contain the spread of the virus. Makers are asking each other, will people shop from home? With so many jobs at risk, we understand that people might not have cash to spare, or the time to browse online when they also need to educate and entertain kids.

But perhaps something else might happen: people (and their kids!) might search out craft activities they can learn to do at home, and the handmade world offers an absolute treasure trove of options! You could knit, sew, crochet, quilt, embroider, scrapbook, bead, or weave! There are YouTube videos galore showing you the basics, and the supplies can be ordered online. We all started as hobbyists who turned their passion into a business, so we know how rewarding it is to create something original with your own hands. I heartily encourage you to give it a go – and maybe some day, some of you will be inviting me to browse your beautiful range of products! ❤️

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