New for 2020: backpacks!

In 2020 I will be creating gorgeous backpacks which coordinate with my hats!

When I thought about expanding my range beyond hats and scarves, I decided the obvious thing which is as useful and stylish as a hat, is a bag!

But not just any bag. There are a few features any bag I use must have:

  • decent size – changeable Melbourne weather means I’m often carrying a scarf or jacket, as well as my purse, phone, keys, sunglasses, tissues, and whatever unexpected item one of my kids has decided I need to carry for them!
  • quick access to my phone – I don’t want to burrow through a crowded backpack looking for my ringing phone! It has to be readily accessible in a separate pocket.
  • a ‘key finder’ strap – I had one of these in a bag I owned for 15 years and it was genius. Any bag I make for adults will have one of these!
  • high quality fabrics and distinctive design – the world is full of plain bags. I want to make bags which delight you, with eye-catching colour and design, from beautiful and durable fabrics.
  • suitable for kids or adults – big enough to carry all the kindergarten essentials for kids, but not so big it will swamp them, yet not too small for an adult.

After a lot of research I am very happy to report I have found the perfect bag: the London Backpack by LBG Studios.

The London Backpack has a drawstring closure like a bucket bag under a protective flap. You can completely open the top, to stuff in a jumper or pull out a lunch box, and make use of all that space! The flap ensures everything stays put and the rain stays out.

On the back, that all-important extra zippered pocket, so you can quickly grab essentials like a purse or phone. The top hanging strap means the bag can be kept up off the floor, too.

Over coming months I’ll be creating mini collections of coordinating hats and bags – some for kids, some for grown ups – with some truly divine fabrics. You can follow me on Instagram @the_hatwright as I share photos of my process as it happens. Come launch day, each collection will go on sale on my store!

Covid-19 Update: Unfortunately my plans to create backpacks had to be paused for the moment while my children are learning from home during Australia’s lockdown. I do still hope to make this fabulous design, so as the situation evolves I’ll keep this page updated.

All photos in this post copyright LBG Studios.

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