Too good not to share…

I’ve been wearing Infinity Scarves for a few years now – ever since I lived in southern Germany, in fact.

I’d never seen scarves like them before, and was intrigued when I found a rack of these soft, breathable, lightweight beauties in a department store there. Up until that point, I had thought of scarves as heavy woolly affairs you only wore on the very worst days of winter.

I bought one, and it quickly became an absolute wardrobe staple for me! Why? Because from autumn to spring, on cold days with a cutting breeze, they are the perfect light layer of insulation to keep you snug, without overheating you the moment you step into a warm room (or vehicle!).

The double-loop design means you can adjust how closely the scarf lies around your neck without having to fiddle about with trailing ends all the time. And because they’re made of finely-woven fabric, they’re easy to fit under the collar of a jacket or coat.

Honestly, they’re just perfect, and because it’s not a style I see for sale very often here, I decided I should make some myself! I chose three on-trend shades of smooth viscose rayon fabric, to produce an elegant drape with minimum volume, and the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.

Believe me, if you live somewhere with fresh spring weather or cool rainy winters (like, say, Melbourne?), an Infinity Scarf is your new best friend. Find them alongside the new Macchiato Caps in my MadeIt store.

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