LoveAustralianHandmade Fashion Revolution Pop-Up

The Hatwright holding a sign saying ‘I made your hat’It was a great day at The District Docklands Makers Market yesterday, and I really enjoyed meeting new customers and talking babies, kids and sewing with all and sundry 😊

More than one person who visited my stall was surprised to learn I made the hats from scratch – and that it takes about two hours per hat to do so. That time is from cutting out to interfacing to sewing, and includes pauses to iron and hand stitch where necessary. It doesn’t include time spent sourcing the materials in the first place, or bringing them to markets or posting them out.

Fashion Revolution is all about respecting the makers and the process – wherever in the world they might be – as much as the final product. It encourages us all to be conscious consumers and ask, what environmental impact does this item have? How long will it last? It’s about making quality part of the conversation again, instead of just price.

It’s hard for tiny handmade businesses to promote the high quality of their pieces when every chain store in every shopping centre is selling $10 t-shirts for 50% off. Their business model relies on us all thinking that low price is all that matters when it comes to buying clothes and accessories (when was the last time you saw a brand or store telling you their clothes will last?).

We might not have the marketing clout of a chain store, but we do have each other, and that’s why a group of handmade businesses around Australia have banded together to make the Love Australian Handmade Fashion Revolution Pop-Up Store, which opens tonight at 8.30pm. We have all created something new especially for the showcase, pieces which celebrate creativity, originality, and style. Something to be treasured and enjoyed for years, not just one season.

My contribution is the Upstairs for Dancing Cap, made from a gorgeous linen cotton blend fabric bearing Ellen McKenna’s joyous painterly design. Pools of blue and green meet splashes of pinks and purples to create an uplifting and distinctive pattern. Best of all, every hat will be different, giving you something truly unique.

The Fashion Revolution Pop-Up store is open for two weeks only, has Afterpay available, and all prices include postage 👍 Jump over to at 8.30pm AEST to check out the Upstairs for Dancing Cap alongside an array of fabulous earrings, bags, clothes and more!

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