Hana Blossom Sun Hats now available online

Hana Blossom sun hats

I fell in love with this beautiful Japanese cotton canvas fabric during a trip to Kimono House in Melbourne, a deliriously lovely store full of high quality fabrics, Japanese crafts and vintage textiles. I can only assume they keep smelling salts behind the counter for all the customers who swoon clear away at all the beauty on offer!

The fabric is named ‘Hana Kanzashi’, which means ‘flower hair ornaments’. It is an artistic, abstract rendering of the gorgeous silk fabric flowers geishas traditionally wore in their hair. I love the vivid colours, and enjoyed creating contrasting brims which complement the fabric design. A sophisticated choice for any young lady who loves pinks and purples.

Of the four hats I originally made, only these two remain, and unfortunately I have no more of the fabric, so once these have gone, this design will not be made again. They are now for sale at madeit.com.au/Hatwright.

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