Wrapture Australia collaboration begins tonight!

Tangent Technicolor Blossom HatTangent Technicolor Blossom Hat for babies 6 months to 18 months

At 6pm tonight (Melbourne, Australia time) a new chapter begins for The Hatwright: a collaboration with Wrapture Australia, a fellow small business here in Melbourne which is pretty extraordinary all round. Their gorgeous bamboo and cotton baby wraps are designed, dyed, and woven here in Melbourne – can you beat that for #shoplocal? 😆 For the first time, when the new Tangent Technicolor range launches tonight, you will also be able to choose Baby Blossom Hats and rainbow Bucket Hats! They are available in sizes from 6 months up to 8 years.

Tangent Technicolor Bucket HatTangent Technicolor Bucket Hat for 6 months up to 8 years

Interested? Then you need to be following Wrapture Australia’s Facebook page (or Instagram account – @wraptureaus) to get the link to the order form, which will go live at 6 o’clock this evening. Orders will only be open for 24 hours and numbers of each item are limited, so get your order in as soon as you can. I would love to make you one!

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