New design for 2019

Hello everyone! I am currently working on a new range of hats specifically for babies in time for my next market date in late February.

I call them Baby Blossom Hats, because the delicate curve on the brim reminds me of May Gibbs’ iconic flower babies, such as the Sweet Pea Baby in this original illustration:

…as well as the shape of the bell flowers on Correas, lovely plants native to south east Australia:

I am making up the hats in a mixture of fabrics, from a lush watercolour floral with lace edging, to a jaunty denim option with rainbow bobble braid around the edge. I will make the hats in two sizes, 46cm to suit girls aged 6-12 months, and 48cm for 12 months and over. Keep an eye on my Instagram account (I’m @the_hatwright) to watch them come together!

Updated to add: Baby Blossom Hats are now available in my MadeIt store 😊

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