Gorgeous fabric

Recently I was chatting to someone who is new to sewing and she exclaimed, ‘There is just so much beautiful fabric to buy!’

Yes. Yes there is 😊

I’m not sure if every hobby entails a guilty secret, but most sewists would admit they have a sizeable – but eminently defensible! – stash of fabric stored neatly and unobtrusively somewhere around the house. It was all bought on sale, of course, an absolute steal – in fact, it would have been a crime NOT to buy it.

The bad news for our limited storage here at Hatwright HQ is that one of the joys of making hats is getting to play with fabrics I wouldn’t ordinarily have a purpose for – girly floral corduroys, cotton drills covered in watermelons, and don’t get me started on divine Japanese prints..! So expect to see all this and more as I upload photos of my latest creations in coming days.

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